Walleye Festival

Civialian marksmanship Grande Parade

Main Street Port Clinton is pleased to announce the winners of the Civilian Marksmanship Program Grande Parade at the 34th anniversary of the Walleye Festival. 

Most Entertaining: Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park 
Most Spirit: Five Star Baton Company 
Best Theme: Oak Harbor Apple Festival 
Port Clinton Pride: Port Clinton High School Marching Band 
Best Baton Corp: High Society Baton Corps 
Best of Show: Sit Means Sit 
Mayor’s Wild Walleye: On Point Wellness 

Special thanks to the Civilian Marksmanship Program for their support of the Grande Parade. 

kids fishing derby sponsored by:

The Skipper Bud’s Kids Fishing Derby at the Main Street Port Clinton Walleye Festival was held on Sunday, May 25 at Derby Pond. Over 180 children and their families enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of fishing and fun along the shores of Lake Erie. Trophies were presented to the winners immediately following the Fishing Derby in the Entertainment Tent. All participants received goodie bags and ribbons. 
Congratulations to the following: 

Longest Fish- Aiden Hutchinson and Clarissa Carona 
Most Caught- Copper Buck, Reagan Ruthsalz, and Eric Wison 
Shortest Fish- Collin Heise, Taylyn Oberle, and Harley Harris 
Most Unusual Fish- Eddie Lento, Tabitha Duncan, and Scott Shawyer 

kids activity area Sponsored by:

michael mage

friends of the walleye festival

walleye 5k Results

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May 21-May 25, 2015

The 34th Annual Main Street Port Clinton Walleye Festival went underway from May 22nd through May 26th at picturesque Waterworks Park on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie in Port Clinton. An array of free live concerts, Kids Fishing Derby, Kids Activity Area, Grande Parade, educational programs and activities, carnival rides, Walleye Beer Fest, and more than 130 vendors from around the nation, help make this event one of Ohio’s premier outdoor weekend celebrations.

Never in short supply, delicious food and beverages are enjoyed by all. This is the perfect summer kick-off! For a complete schedule of events, please visit www.walleyefestival.com.

congrats ipod winners!


Coming January 2015 vendor contracts will be sent out! To be added to our mailing list email your information to info@walleyefestival.com.


special thanks to:

  • City of Port Clinton
  • Port Clinton Police Department
  • Port Clinton Fire Department
  • Lake Erie Shores & Islands
  • A & J
  • Beacon
  • Frederick Agency
  • Hart Advertising
  • Integrity Productions
  • Island Adventures
  • Kroger
  • Luc Ice
  • Mary's Blossom Shoppe
  • Monsoon Lagoon
  • National Professional Anglers Association 
  • OSS Solid Waste District
  • OSU Buckeye Mobile Tour
  • Ottawa County Register
  • Port Clinton Middle School
  • Port Clinton News Herald
  • Republic Services
  • Scenic Rock Ledge Inn 
  • VFW Post 2480
  • Walmart
  • Wozniak
  • WPCR PortClintonRadio.com
  • Zink Calls

corporate sponsors

Women 15-under
Abeley, Clair (Cincy, Oh) 24:51 
Fitzgerald, Bridget (Lakewood, Oh) 30:24 
Segreto, Sullivan (Lakewood, Oh) 33:15 
Dsubaran, Rachel (Oxford, Oh) 37:42
Robinette, Sierra (Fremont, Oh) 38:53
Kaylor, Madison (Galloway, Oh) 40:10
Koster, Allison 41:16
Segreto, Bella (Lakewood, Oh) 41:57
Fox, Anna (Lakewood, Oh) 45:18

Women 16-19
Fitzgerald, Colleen (Lakewood, Oh) 28:36 
Louch, Emily (Lakewood, Oh) 28:38 
Shitak, Natalie (Port Clinton, Oh) 39:35 
Araguz, Alyssa (Port Clinton, Oh) 33:23
Dietrich, Kelsey (Port Clinton, Oh) 36:35

Women 20-24
Wagner, Lesta (Port Clinton, Oh) 38:21

Women 25-29
Shroyer, Cirrus (Defiance, Oh) 25:19 
Bickley, Maureen (Cinn., Oh) 26:09 
Eckert, MaryBeth (Bucyrus, Oh) 28:44 
Cummins, Alicia (Port Clinton, Oh) 35:01
Foos, Tricia (Fremont, Oh) 36:36

Women 30-34
Sullivan, Katie (Worthington, Oh) 22:53 
Zam, Allison (Port Clinton, Oh) 27:31
Worth, Tricia (Akron, Oh) 28:36 
Tiffney, Joanne (Port Clinton, Oh) 29:03 
Richardson, Amy (Westerville, Oh) 29:37
Jordan, Lori (Avon Lake, Oh) 29:41
Edge, Kandice (Toledo, Oh) 29:45
Thompson, Tory (Port Clinton, Oh) 30:07
Poirer, Dawn (Pemberville, Oh) 32:29
Griffith, Dana (Marblehead, Oh) 32:54
Small, Jennifer (Fredricktown, Oh) 33:06
Sherwood, Keri (Port Clinton, Oh) 33:28
Foster, amy (Fredricktown, Oh) 34:07
Kokinda, Laura (Aptos, Ca) 36:34
Hepp, Hillary (Orlando, Fla) 37:39
Leis, Ashley (Port Clinton, Oh) 37:53
Brashear, Stacy (Defiance, Oh) 38:02
Sprenger, Leah (Port Clinton, Oh) 40:10
Kaylor, MaryBeth (Galloway, Oh) 40:14
Hiler, Kari (Chatfield, Oh) 42:00

Women 35-39
Habib, Kristin (Middleburgh Hts, Oh) 25:51
Nagy, Wendy (Shorewood, Il) 24:55
Gresh, Lauren (Worthington, Oh) 27:20
Simpson, Becky (Port Clinton, Oh) 27:31
Mueller, Stephanie (Strongsville, Oh) 30:58
Brown, Erika (Columbus, Oh) 31:44
Galvin, Molly (Brooklyn) 34:17
Hille, Melissa (Port Clinton, Oh) 35:30
Marek, Amy (Port Clinton, Oh) 40:18

Women 40-44
Eckel, Amy (Holland, Oh) 24:45
Pratt, Cheryl (Port Clinton, Oh) 27:12
Lucas, Erin (Port Clinton, Oh) 28:54
Slauterbeck, Adria (Port Clinton, Oh) 30:06
Koler, Debbie (Wakeman, Oh) 31:00
Dsuban, Amy (Oxford, Oh) 37:41
Petro, Elizabeth 41:36

Women 45-49
Pfal, Melissa (Springboro, Oh) 29:21
Fitzgerald, Shannon 29:35
Rhoad, Kelly (Vermillion, Oh) 29:36
Fox, Megan (Lakewood, Oh) 30:50
Doty, Amy (Strongsville, Oh) 38:59
Zink, Dawn (Port Clinton, Oh) 41:57
Keener, Vina (Newark, Oh) 43:57

Women 50-54
Chura, Lisa (Port Clinton, Oh) 23:34
Gerding, Tammie (Sheffield Lake, Oh) 26:59
Nehls, MaryAnn (Port Clinton, Oh 27:50
Baver, Jill (Nevada, Oh) 29:49
Schell, Michelle (Bucyrus, Oh) 29:55
Knittle, Angela (Vermillion, Oh) 30:50
Hartline, Jean (Port Clinton, Oh) 30:54
Buchwalter, Linda (Oak Harbor, Oh) 41:39

Women 55-59
Mathews, Joan (Maumee, Oh) 22:24

Women 60-64
Wagner, Carla (Port Clinton, Oh) 51:20

Women 65 & Older
Henderson, Sue ( Worthington, Oh) 31:07
Steinhauser, Mary (LaSalle, Mi) 34:46
Neiffer, Bridget 41:45

Men 15 – under
Knittle, Austin (Vermilliion, Oh) 22:56
Frommer, Andrew (Port Clinton, Oh) 23:58
Hines, Avery (Port Clinton, Oh) 29:28
Baxter, Michael (Port Clinton, Oh) 29:29
Kormos, Ben (Lakewood, Oh) 31:58
Sprenger, Caleb (Oake Harbor, Oh) 38:26

Men 16-19
Pratt, Logan (Port Clinton, Oh) 20:04
Hepp, Cody (Bloomville, Oh) 24:28
DeFreitas, Gabe (Port Clinton, Oh) 28:33

Men 20-24
Fizbasik, Joseph (Bowling Green, Oh) 21:25
Ahbril, Shawya (Strongsville, Oh) 26:03
Will, Chase (Port Clinton, Oh) 26:48
Abele, Nick (Loveland, Oh) 28:29
Doty, Kyle (Strongsville, Oh) 32:59

Men 25-29
Eckert, aaron (Bucyrus, Oh) 23:48
Coleman, Josh (Bucyrus, Oh) 26:49
Sherwood, Michael (Port Clinton, Oh) 26:58
Buchwalter, Dennis (Oak Harbor, Oh) 40:54

Men 30-34
Limestahl, Joe (Port Clinton, Oh) 23:01
Richardson, Don (Blacklick, Oh) 26:01
Leis, Andy (Port Clinton, Oh) 35:06
Getman, Brian (Port Clinton, Oh) 38:02

Men 35-39
Saums, Jeremy (Findlay, Oh) 18:20
Kruse, David (Port Clinton, Oh) 20:42
Reed, Jay (Port Clinton, Oh) 21:04
Jordan, Matt (Avon Lake, Oh) 22:31
Wierzba, Ted (Port Clinton, Oh) 25:14
Habib, Michael (Middleburg Hts., Oh) 25:19
Ingham, Darren (Avon Lake, Oh) 26:43
Skotte, Christian (Brooklyn, NY) 31:07

Men 40-44
Saffron, Jeff (Port Clinton, Oh) 21:11
Gresh, John (Worthington, Oh) 25:31
Heberlein, Dean (Marblehead, Oh) 27:22
Brown, Scott (Columbus, Oh) 41:12
Frye, Greg (Perrysburg, Oh) 54:40

Men 45-49
Buchwalter, Curtiss (Oak Harbor, Oh) 35:45
Castillo, Antonio (Perrysburg, Oh) 41:16

Men 50-54 
Schiller, Todd (Oak Harbor, Oh) 20:07
Babcock, allen (Willoughby, Oh) 26:33
Doss, Ken (Port Clinton, Oh) 37:54

Men 55-59
Bickley, Todd (Port Clinton, Oh) 32:04
Smith, Scott (Fremont, Oh) 32:20
Hoffman, Randy (Tiffin, Oh) 44:38

Men 60-64
Frey, Kelly (Port Clinton, Oh) 35:02

Men 65-over
Henderson,Frank (Worthington, Oh) 39:58
Steinhauser, Cyril (LaSalle, Mi) 43:54

Top Female Runner: Joan Mathews (Maumee, Oh) 22:24
Top Male Runner: Jeremy Saums (Findlay, Oh) 18:20

Top Female Walker: Tamara Limestahl (Port Clinton, Oh) 
Top Male Walker: Lowell Knittle (Vermillion, Oh)